At some time in our lives, every one of us will experience loss. Overcoming grief is never easy and, for many, coping with the loss of a loved one, a job, a cherished pet or with a broken marriage can be emotionally devastating.
The Dying to Live. Net has been established to provide caring, professional guidance to help you through such difficult periods. 
Created by grief specialist and artist, Chyna Wu, her Mission is to help those who are dying to live life again!
Chyna’s goal is to assist individuals, families and communities to convert depression, grief and sadness into a vibrant, positive and forward-looking life force. 
Practical guidance is also offered to those simply wanting to learn more about end-of-life care, establishing a health care proxy, preparing a living will or seeking to cope with loss through art and communication.
Dying to Live. Net offers both one-on-one private sessions and supportive group sessions designed to help you better understand loss and begin the healing process.
Non-traditional workshops and a constantly evolving roster of life affirming programs, including Healing Art Painting Sessions, Past-Life Regression Therapy are offered. Innovative video biography services are also available upon request.
Flexibility is the key to the Dying to Live. Net’s approach. Sessions can be held wherever you find it most convenient. You can invite Chyna Wu to your home, your company, your school, or your community to tailor a program which helps you to prepare for, or deal with, loss or end of life issues. Interactive web-based sessions are also available.
Call or text (928) 266-7976, email at: Dyingtolive.az@gmail.com now to find out how the Dying to Live. Net can help you rediscover your life force. 
For larger group sessions a comprehensive, collaborative, yet cost-effective package can be developed. Organizers are asked to contact the Dying to Live. Net directly for details. 


Dying to Live is created by an artist and grief specialist, Chyna Wu. Chyna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s Degree in Thanatology (the study of death, dying and bereavement). Her goal is to assist and to educate individuals, families, or communities on how to face and prepare for loss.This website is calling to those who feel like “I am dying to live life again! I am ready to learn how to shift depression, grief and sadness into a life force.”

Since 2006, Chyna has been working in hospices as bereavement support for individuals and families. Chyna also received her Past Life Regression Therapy Certification in 2007. In September 2011, a great opportunity presented itself that took Chyna to the beautiful and spiritual town of Sedona, Arizona, where she worked as a Community Liaison and an educator at Verde Valley Community Hospice. She also created and taught a Death, Dying and Bereavement class at Yavipai College for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Chyna believes that we are all subject to grief in one way or another during our lifetime, whether it is caused by death, separation from our loved ones or deprivation of certain rights. Bereavement issues often go unnoticed and obscured from our society. Grief impacts us in multidimensional ways and can offset our well-being. Many suffer in silence without understanding the cause of their difficulties in life, which can make it difficult to move forward. Due to Chyna’s personal experience with loss, she is determined to share her knowledge and assist those who are stuck in the grieving process and experiencing difficulty moving forward.